J.M.W. Turner, The Slave Ship (1840)

J.M.W. Turner, The Slave Ship (1840)

In summer and fall 2015, along with Slate’s Jamelle Bouie, I co-hosted a limited-run podcast for Slate Plus: Slate Academy: A History of American Slavery. There were nine full episodes total, each beginning with the biography of one enslaved person. For each episode, we interviewed two historians who had interesting things to say about the way this person’s life intersected with the evolving institution.

The podcast is paywalled, available to members of Slate Plus. Alternatively, you can buy the nine paywalled episodes as a unit through the service Gumroad. Some of the extras (articles, book excerpts, timelines) are free for all to see.

Here’s a complete list of History of American Slavery content. Visit the project’s landing page on Slate by clicking here.

Week of May 18:
-Introductory episode, in which Jamelle and I explain ourselves. (Unpaywalled.)
-Episode 1, on Anthony Johnson and the colonial transition to hereditary race-based slavery, with guests Peter Wood and Ira Berlin. (Paywalled.)
-Transcript of Episode 1. (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt from Ira Berlin’s book, Generations of Captivity. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt from Peter Wood’s book, Strange New Land. (Unpaywalled.)
-“‘Caveat Emptor!’: The First Anti-Slavery Pamphlet Published in New England”, a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)
-Essay by Slate’s Katy Waldman: Should we be saying “slave” or “enslaved person”? (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 2: A reading from guest Marcus Rediker’s book, The Slave Ship. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of June 1:
-Episode 2, on Olaudah Equiano, the Middle Passage, and British abolitionism, with guests Marcus Rediker and Adam Hochschild. (Unpaywalled, for promotional purposes.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Adam Hochschild’s book, Bury the Chains. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 3: A reading from guest Emily Blanck’s book, Tyrannicide. (Unpaywalled.)
-Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of June 8:
-List: “The Surprising Demographics of American Slavery” (by me; unpaywalled).

Week of June 15:
-Episode 3: Elizabeth Freeman and slavery during the Revolutionary War, with guests Douglas Egerton and Emily Blanck. (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Douglas Egerton’s book, Death or Liberty. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 4: A reading from guest Heather Williams’ book, Help Me To Find My People. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of June 22:
-Animated interactive map by Slate’s Andrew Kahn: “The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes:” (Unpaywalled.)

Week of July 6:
-Episode 4: The life of Joseph Fossett, slavery at Monticello, and the family in slavery, with guests Annette Gordon-Reed and Heather Williams. (Paywalled.) 
-Excerpt: A reading from Annette Gordon-Reed's book, The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 5: A reading from Joshua Rothman's book, Flush Times and Fever Dreams: A Story of Capitalism and Slavery in the Age of Jackson. (Unpaywalled.)
-“George Washington’s 1761 Ad Seeking Four Fugitive Slaves,” a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of July 13:
-“The Hopeful, Heartbreaking Ads Placed by Formerly Enslaved People in Search of Lost Family,” a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of July 20:
-Extra Episode: Slave narratives as history and literature, with guest Henry Louis Gates. (Paywalled.)

Week of August 3:
-Episode 5: The life of Charles Deslondes, slave revolts, and slavery’s frontier, with guests Ed Baptist and Joshua Rothman. (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Ed Baptist’s book, The Half Has Never Been Told. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 6: A reading from an essay by Daina Ramey Berry, published in The Chattel Principle: Internal Slave Trades in the Americas (ed. Walter Johnson). (Unpaywalled.)

Week of August 17:
-“A Detailed Brochure for an 1855 Slave Auction Shows How People Were Sold as Property,” a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of August 24:
-Episode 6: The life of Charles Ball, the impact of cotton, and the economy of slavery, with guests Ed Baptist and Daina Ramey Berry. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Ed Baptist’s book, The Half Has Never Been Told. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 7: A reading from Marie Jenkins Schwartz’s book, Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of August 31:
-Episode 7: The life of Anarcha; science, medicine, and slavery. With guests Deirdre Cooper Owens and Christopher Willoughby. (Paywalled.)

Week of September 7:
-“Browse Hundreds of Documents Submitted by Enslaved People Petitioning for Freedom,” a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of September 21:
-Episode 8: The life of John Parker; fugitives, runaways, and political turmoil. With guests Eric Foner and Steven Lubet. (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Eric Foner’s book, Gateway to Freedom. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Steven Lubet’s book, Fugitive Justice. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt contextualizing episode 9: A reading from Adam Rothman’s book, Beyond Freedom’s Reach. (Unpaywalled)
-“Most Records of Underground Railroad Activity Were Destroyed. Not This One,” a related Vault document. (Unpaywalled.)

Week of October 6:
-Extrasode: Audio of our September 19th symposium/event, “How Do We Get Americans To Talk Honestly About Slavery?”

Week of October 12:
-Episode 9: The life of Rose Herera: The uneven process of emancipation. With guests Adam Rothman and Heather Williams. (Paywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Heather Williams’ book, Help Me to Find My People. (Unpaywalled.)
-Excerpt: A reading from Steven Hahn’s book, The Political Worlds of Slavery and Freedom. (Unpaywalled.)
-Wrapup essay: “What I Learned By Making Slate’s History of American Slavery Podcast.” By Rebecca Onion. (Paywalled.)