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Going (Retroactively) Digital: Self-Archiving for Fun and Profit

This past week, I’ve been pursuing a highly enjoyable project—one that had such potential to become a swampy time-suck that I made myself wait to start until I had finished a draft of a chapter, and could think of it as a reward. Chapter drafted;…

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Pasteur for Kids

I recently wrote a short post for the Pasteur Foundation about this beautiful microscope set, which Dr. Bert Hansen (his website here) found on EBay and then donated to the Chemical Heritage Foundation. (Here’s a post I wrote in October 2010 about the chemistry sets…

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Nuclear Fears, Soothed by Poop, Turtles

Last week, this colorful video, intended for Japanese children, made the Internet rounds. It explains the problems at the reactor in Fukushima by way of an extensive metaphor: the reactor is a baby, called Nuclear Boy; he has stomach problems, and feels like he might…

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