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In the Dusty Toy-Bin of History at the Strong Museum

This week I’m at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. The Strong Museum possess a complete run of Playthings magazine, which was published from 1903 to 2010 (RIP), and which was read by toy manufacturers, people who owned toy stores, and toy…

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This Is Your Supreme Court on Video Games

The Supreme Court heard opening oral arguments this week in the case of Schwarzenegger vs. Entertainment Merchants Association; at issue, whether the state has the right to prohibit sales or rentals of violent video games to minors. I read the transcript of Tuesday’s proceedings with…

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Velcro’s Generation of Idiots

The other day, the number one most-clicked-on article on the Boston Globe‘s website was this one, penned by a writer for the AP and headed: “Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?” While I must appreciate anybody who brings the word “nincompoop” into common parlance, my…

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