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Shades of Science Fairs Past: Kids at the American Museum of Natural History

The photos in this post are official American Museum of Natural History documentation of some of the projects kids brought to the Museum’s Children’s Fair, which the AMNH ran along with the American Institute of the City of New York. The first Fair at the…

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Sputnik Moment: Science as Destiny

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Pres. Obama called the current state of affairs a “Sputnik moment” for the USA: a time when we’re under great threat and need to step up to the plate so that we can “own the future.”…

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Future Issues of Paperweight

Juliette, editor of Paperweight, has posted a handy link to some upcoming submission deadlines. The next four issues of PW are themed like so: Ghosts, Texture, The Line, and Decay. J included copy deadlines as well, for planning-ahead purposes. Send us your ideas!

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