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Books on College Teaching

Today, I asked Twitter to recommend favorite books on college teaching. I’m compiling a list here, so that interested parties can see the juice of the hive’s mindgrapes. Thanks, everyone—and keep sending me titles! Update 5/13: Tweep Sherman Dorn wrote a post in response to this…

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What’s In My Holiday Bookbag (II)

Last year around this time, I wrote a blog post that was a blatant copy of a post that Adam Golub, an alum of my graduate program and a faithful Tweep, had contributed to This was the Holiday Bookbag, a simple rundown of the…

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In a Different Sea

At Lowe’s the other day, I stumbled upon these books of wallpaper samples for boys’ and girls’ rooms. Having spent the past three weeks talking in my class about the recently hardened pink-and-blue dichotomy reigning in the world of children’s clothing and toys (for more…

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