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Teaching the Hunger Games in the Undergraduate American Studies Classroom

Following is a post that I wrote for the blog of the American Studies Journal. Here’s the link to the piece in its original context. Last semester, I ended my introductory American Studies seminar, Popular Culture and American Childhood, with M.T. Anderson’s wonderful 2001 young-adult dystopia…

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Books on College Teaching

Today, I asked Twitter to recommend favorite books on college teaching. I’m compiling a list here, so that interested parties can see the juice of the hive’s mindgrapes. Thanks, everyone—and keep sending me titles! Update 5/13: Tweep Sherman Dorn wrote a post in response to this…

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Introducing the Archive of Childhood

At last! The site I’ve been working on with my American Studies seminar (Popular Culture and American Childhood) is now live. The Archive of Childhood was born from the idea, dear to childhood studies scholars and historians of childhood, that the history of childhood should…

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