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Introducing the Archive of Childhood

At last! The site I’ve been working on with my American Studies seminar (Popular Culture and American Childhood) is now live. The Archive of Childhood was born from the idea, dear to childhood studies scholars and historians of childhood, that the history of childhood should…

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Going (Retroactively) Digital: Self-Archiving for Fun and Profit

This past week, I’ve been pursuing a highly enjoyable project—one that had such potential to become a swampy time-suck that I made myself wait to start until I had finished a draft of a chapter, and could think of it as a reward. Chapter drafted;…

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What I Learned at THATCamp

This past weekend, I went to something called a THATCamp. This surprisingly unsayable handle translates to “The Humanities and Technology Camp.” These “unconferences” on digital humanities topics, which are meant to facilitate maximum info-sharing with a minimum of fuss, hierarchy, and pomp, are open to grad students,…

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