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CFP for ASA 2013: Destroyed Worlds, Unpayable Debts: Uses of Children and Childhood in Environmentalism

“Your only responsibility as an SF author now is to scry out and bring back what you can of the white-hot rage the future has for us.” –Kip Manley “Dear Future Generations: Please accept our apologies. We were rolling drunk on petroleum.” –Kurt Vonnegut In…

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Teenage Girls in the 1970s

I asked: Everyone responded: Barker, Martin. Comics: Ideology, Power, and the Critics. Manchester [England]; New York: Manchester University Press, 1989. Chapters 7 (‘They all hate me’: Jackie and the problem of romance”), 8 (“‘But how can I ever be sure?’: revisiting Jackie“). Bowles-Reyer, Amy. “Becoming…

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Teaching the Hunger Games in the Undergraduate American Studies Classroom

Following is a post that I wrote for the blog of the American Studies Journal. Here’s the link to the piece in its original context. Last semester, I ended my introductory American Studies seminar, Popular Culture and American Childhood, with M.T. Anderson’s wonderful 2001 young-adult dystopia…

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