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Pasteur for Kids

I recently wrote a short post for the Pasteur Foundation about this beautiful microscope set, which Dr. Bert Hansen (his website here) found on EBay and then donated to the Chemical Heritage Foundation. (Here’s a post I wrote in October 2010 about the chemistry sets…

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Shades of Science Fairs Past: Kids at the American Museum of Natural History

The photos in this post are official American Museum of Natural History documentation of some of the projects kids brought to the Museum’s Children’s Fair, which the AMNH ran along with the American Institute of the City of New York. The first Fair at the…

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In the Dusty Toy-Bin of History at the Strong Museum

This week I’m at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. The Strong Museum possess a complete run of Playthings magazine, which was published from 1903 to 2010 (RIP), and which was read by toy manufacturers, people who owned toy stores, and toy…

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