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Pasteur for Kids

I recently wrote a short post for the Pasteur Foundation about this beautiful microscope set, which Dr. Bert Hansen (his website here) found on EBay and then donated to the Chemical Heritage Foundation. (Here’s a post I wrote in October 2010 about the chemistry sets…

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Killing Dollies, in the Name of the State

Just a short post today about a couple of intriguing (and disturbing) cartoons I’ve found via recent periodicals research. First up, from The Literary Digest of 1930 (originally published in the London Evening Standard): “The Russian Doll Terror,” in which a commission of dour Russian…

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Drowning in Toys

Sotheby’s, in New York, auctioned off Malcolm Forbes’ toy collection today. I heard about it through a Margot Adler story on NPR, which filled me in on the history of this giant conglomeration of nineteenth and early twentieth-c playthings. Forbes was the kind of man…

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