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Deep in the Wonder Book of Knowledge

I just wound up three weeks doing research at the Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton, looking at a trove of books about science and industry from the 1920s and 1930s. (Thank you, Friends of the Princeton University Library, for your support.) I thought I might…

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Cream o’ the Crop

Looking through issues of Parents’ Magazine from 1930, I found an interesting series of Cream of Wheat ads, starring children descended from famous families. Roland Marchand wrote in his Advertising the American Dream about the advertising trope that he called the “Parable of the Skinny…

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Gender and Civ Post-WWII?

This is what I meant by this tweet – and sorry to be so cryptic. I’m working on a chapter about sf writer Robert Heinlein, his books for young adults (published 1947-1959) and his conflicts with his (female) editor at Scribner’s. The gist of the…

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