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Cream o’ the Crop

Looking through issues of Parents’ Magazine from 1930, I found an interesting series of Cream of Wheat ads, starring children descended from famous families. Roland Marchand wrote in his Advertising the American Dream about the advertising trope that he called the “Parable of the Skinny…

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Nuclear Fears, Soothed by Poop, Turtles

Last week, this colorful video, intended for Japanese children, made the Internet rounds. It explains the problems at the reactor in Fukushima by way of an extensive metaphor: the reactor is a baby, called Nuclear Boy; he has stomach problems, and feels like he might…

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“The Future is Not Going to Be Like the Past”: Mark Hertsgaard’s Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth

Everywhere the voices of people saying in a doubtful tone, “But it didn’t use to be like this, did it?” And others saying with scorn, “Don’t give me that shit about the Good Old Days!” – John Brunner, The Sheep Look Up, 342 I’ve written…

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