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Nuclear Fears, Soothed by Poop, Turtles

Last week, this colorful video, intended for Japanese children, made the Internet rounds. It explains the problems at the reactor in Fukushima by way of an extensive metaphor: the reactor is a baby, called Nuclear Boy; he has stomach problems, and feels like he might…

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Call for Papers: From Decay to Deterioration: Questioning the Aesthetics of Abandonment

I’m working on putting together a panel for the 2011 American Studies Association conference. The Call for Papers is below. The decay of the built environment has become a subject more of aesthetic fascination than of fear for many twenty-first-century Americans. Real communities such as…

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The Skinned Trilogy on the Market: Teenage Robots and “Humanity’s Future”

The third book in Robin Wasserman’s Skinned trilogy, about a teenager named Lia Kahn who dies in a car accident and gets downloaded into an immortal robot body, was released by Simon & Schuster on September 14 (tag line: “Humanity is the past. She is…

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