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What I Learned at THATCamp

This past weekend, I went to something called a THATCamp. This surprisingly unsayable handle translates to “The Humanities and Technology Camp.” These “unconferences” on digital humanities topics, which are meant to facilitate maximum info-sharing with a minimum of fuss, hierarchy, and pomp, are open to grad students,…

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“The Future is Not Going to Be Like the Past”: Mark Hertsgaard’s Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth

Everywhere the voices of people saying in a doubtful tone, “But it didn’t use to be like this, did it?” And others saying with scorn, “Don’t give me that shit about the Good Old Days!” – John Brunner, The Sheep Look Up, 342 I’ve written…

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Killing Dollies, in the Name of the State

Just a short post today about a couple of intriguing (and disturbing) cartoons I’ve found via recent periodicals research. First up, from The Literary Digest of 1930 (originally published in the London Evening Standard): “The Russian Doll Terror,” in which a commission of dour Russian…

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